Rak Svyatoslav

My son started to play chess,when he was 5 years old in kindergarten.After one year his first move for White was e3 and he didn’t know,how to move with the pieces very well.I decided to change a coach and he began to take private lessons with Vita 1 time per week,and after few month 3 times per week. They played together and analyzed his games, discussed a lot of interesting positions and Vita explained the typical ideas of middlegame and endgame.Also she showed him different openings and gave a homework after every lesson. They analyzed grandmaster’s games and discussed every move. So after 1 year he took part in Championship of Ukraine under 8 and she went with him to this competition like a private coach.
I am sure Vita is really the best coach in the World! ( Yuliya Rak )

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