Savi Naccarato

     I began to play chess when I was 9 years old in elementary school.  My dad first taught me the game and for several years my only opponents were computers.  I have been entering tournaments for 5 years now and have over twenty titles to my credit.  Vita Chulivska, my coach, has taught me a great deal about chess and I have won numerous titles because of her hard work training me.  She is not just a coach to me, but my friend as well.  My chess goal in life is to become Idaho’s first female Grand Master, and my current aim is to win a chess scholarship so I can attend college.   

   My chess achievements are:

  • Idaho State Girls’ Champion (2011)
  • Ninth Place (2011) Susan Polgar United States National Girls’ Invitational Tournament

Several years ago I went in search of a chess coach who would be a not only a great instructor for teaching chess, but a role model that could inspire my teenage daughter to become a strong girl player in a game predominantly played by males. My search led me to Vita, and it was truly a blessing that I found her. Since my daughter’s lessons began, Vita has become more than just an outstanding coach to my daughter, she has taken on a big sister role in my daughter’s life and their friendship extends far beyond the ranks and files of a chess board. Vita’s genuine and dedicated teaching style has helped my daughter to excel in chess and in life. As a parent I have always found Vita to be very flexible in arranging lessons and affordable. Lessons with Vita are really challenging and instructional which brings out the best in my daughter’s games. Her homework is educational support that helps to extend the learning until the next lesson. I highly recommend Vita as a coach, she is truly a champion in every way.  Savi’s daddy Chris.


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