Tolga Kisacikoglu

During my child hood in 1980s, chess was not very popular in Turkey. Therefore I started playing chess only when I was 14 and some educated chess only when I was 17-18.  Despite the late start , I played and had good memories with the ITU University chess team. We became several times Turkey champion on university team level. I  also played some when I was in USA for my MBA.  After college I joined steel business and didn’t have much time for chess. Now I am 38 years old. I own a steel trading company ( and have a very busy schedule. And tring to spare every second that I can to get back to chess . Vita is helping me a lot to see my mistakes. It is also a lot fun during the lessons. My dream is to join some chess tournament together with my daughter one day who is only 3 years old now

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